Finally…a PROVEN program with the actual formulas, strategies, tools, and templates you need to build consistently winning proposals…discover what your clients want…and write faster, better, and more persuasively than you ever thought possible.  

Stop wasting valuable time, gain instant confidence in your writing, and get the inside scoop on what really happens behind the closed doors of selection committees with this easily accessible, step-by-step, program built around your schedule.

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Deborah Schmucker

Matt helped our small design firm double our proposal win rate.

Debra L. Schmucker


Mark Baker

Matt Handal’s guidance helps us make incremental proposal improvements, with increasingly better results. 

Mark Baker


Marika Bacon

As someone new to the A/E/C industry, Matt’s guidance served as the puzzle pieces that helped me see the big picture.

Marika Bacon


Introducing Win Writing

Win Writing is the premium online course for people in the A/E/C industry who want to spend less time writing proposals and more time winning them.

Win Writing is where I will deliver the goods: the strategies, formulas, and tactics you can use to write winning proposals.

With Win Writing You'll Get:

  • Lifetime Access To My Five-Module, Take At Your Pace, Online Program
  • The Exact Formulas, Scripts, And Strategies I Use To Write Winning Proposals
  • My Proposal Writing Tactical Vault Including Masterclasses, Tools, And Templates
  • Email Only Access Where I'll Help You Troubleshoot Any Issues And Answer Your Toughest Proposal Writing Questions
  • Plus: Order now and I'll personally critique one of your proposals so you'll know exactly what's working and where you can improve. 

In Win Writing, I'll help you transform your writing. I'll show you how to write quicker and more effectively than you ever thought possible. And you'll get lifetime access to everything you need to succeed in one place. 

Win Writing is built around your schedule, easily accessible when you are available. And, for the first time, I'll give you the actual formulas, strategies, tools, and templates me and some of your toughest competitors use to pull off surprising wins. 

I’ll walk you, step-by-step, through a complete system that teaches you exactly what to do and when to do it. And it's packed with everything you need to hit the ground running.


  • Learn a PROVEN system that will have you winning consistently, even when you’ve lost in the past. 
  • Discover how to write faster, better, and more persuasively than you ever thought possible. 
  • Master the recipe for reading your clients' minds and stop missing their true underlying needs.
  • Get the inside scoop on what really happens behind the closed doors of selection committees from actual clients who have awarded hundreds of contracts. 
  • Never hesitate to share your writing with anyone ever again. Gain instant confidence by applying only five, easy-to-use, rules. 
  • Never waste time again, staring at a blank screen, writing the wrong things, fiddling with layouts, or wondering what the client really wants. 
  • Drastically reduce the time spent addressing comments and eliminate the need to rewrite sections at the last minute. 
  • Sleep soundly, knowing that you never have to worry whether your proposal contains mistakes that will embarrass you and your firm.



How Top Firms Use Proposal Writing To Generate Millions Of Dollars

  • What Better Proposal Writing Can Do For Your Business 
  • Proposal Writing Mindsets: Why The Top Proposal Writers Think This Way
  • How To Track Your Proposal Efforts The Right Way

The Unspoken Psychology Of Proposal Selection

  • The Prediction Machine: The Unspoken Truth About Emotions And Client Decisions (It’s Not What You Think)
  • Fixed Action Patterns: The Security Flaw In Our Decision-Making Process
  • The Six Scientifically Proven Weapons Of Influence You Can Use To Get Your Clients To Say Yes — Ignore These At Your Own Risk

Securing The Advantage

  • How To Read Your Client's Mind (Even If You've Never Met Them Before)
  • How To Get Meetings With The Unreachable: The Actual Word-For-Word Scripts I Use To Get Meetings With Extremely Busy People
  • Client Capture Scripts: The Exact Questions I Ask Clients To Find Out What They Really Want

Foolproof Planning

  • Go/No Go: How To Determine What To Go After (And What To Pass On)
  • RFP Translation: Decipher The Key Points You Really Need To Address For The RFP Or RFQ
  • Planning for Success: Never Stress Over A Deadline Again

Better…Faster…Stronger Proposal Writing

  • Proposal Math: What Do Clients Actually Do With Your Proposal?
  • The Hollywood Playbook: How To Drastically Speed Up Proposal Writing
  • The Pareto Writing Rules: 5 Simple Rules That Supercharge Readability (The Only Ones You’ll Ever Need)
  • Narratives: How To Build Resumes And Project Descriptions That Sell
  • The Four-Step Cover Letter: The Exact Formula I Use To Write Cover Letters That Set You Apart
  • How To Write A Technical Approach (Even If You Have No Technical Expertise)
Ipad Mock up

Win Writing is a valuable proposal training tool unlike any other on the market. Matt takes time to carefully craft each topic based on the biggest challenges proposal writers face and does a fantastic job of making the information fun and easily digestible. It’s a must-have training program for any proposal writer looking to improve their skills.

Brad Thompson


Lindsay Diven

I signed up my marketing coordinator for Win Writing because I knew it would take her proposal work to the next level.

Lindsay Diven, CPSM


Will Childs

Even though I’m an experienced proposal writer, I joined Win Writing because I always learn something new from Matt’s courses.

Will Childs



The relevance formula
  • How To Answer Any Question
  • Where To Find Your Competitors’ Proposals
  • Proposal Success Tracking Tool
  • Marketing Meeting Form
  • Capture Plan Tool
  • List Of Free CRMs
  • Client Charting Tool
  • KLT Sales Hook Teardowns
  • And Others…


Gary Coover On Secrets Of The Selection Committee

Gary Coover
Erica Olsen

Erica Olson, Author Of Speak Simple, On Simplifying Technical Presentations

Karen Kurta, On Incorporating Graphics Into Your Proposals

Karen Kurta
Carl Dickson

Carl Dickson, Founder Of And PropLibrary, On How Small Firms Can Compete

Laura Ricci, Author Of The Magic Of Winning Proposals, On Crafting Compelling Proposal Themes

Laura Ricci
Tim Klabunde

Tim Klabunde, Author Of Network Like An Introvert, On Pricing Proposals

Wayne O'Neill, Author Of Reset: What I Want You to Buy is...Stop Selling, On Getting Ahead Of The RFP

Wayne O'Neill

And Others...


Premium Proposal Template

Premium Proposal Template

  • Ready-To-Use Templates In Adobe InDesign And QuarkXpress
  • Professionally Designed - Never Worry About Design Again
  • 19 Different Page Templates
  • 3 Unique Cover Options
  • Easy and Unlimited Color Customization To Fit Your Brand
  • Based On The Exact Proposal Template I Use
  • Focused On Readability and “Scan-ability"
  • Utilizes Open Baskerville Font For Enhanced Reliability
SF330 template

Standard Form 330 (SF330)

  • Easily Customizable, Ready-To-Use, Professional Template In Adobe Indesign and Microsoft Word.
  • Reflects Current General Services Administration Standards
  • Comes With My Complete Guide To The SF330

Quick Start Proposal Template

  • Microsoft Word Format
  • Easy To Use
  • 10 Different Page Templates
  • Easily Customizable
  • Uses Open Fonts

Win Writing was, hands down, the best proposal writing training I’ve ever experienced. It is full of actionable tools and extremely useful information that I was able to put to use immediately. I would highly recommend it to anyone involved in marketing or proposal writing.

Devri Pieratt


The very first time I used Win Writing’s proposal template, we won a contract with a new client we had no relationship with.

 Karen Lee


Before Win Writing, I thought most proposal writing was simply too technical for me to do well. But since taking the course, I've written technical proposal portions with a great deal of success. The most valuable thing I've gained from Win Writing is improved confidence in my proposal writing.

 Tara Wallace



private linkedin group

Connect and share tips with other Win Writing students through our private LinkedIn group


It's the worst. You spend hours putting together a great proposal only to find that not only did you lose, you didn't even get shortlisted. How did that happen?

Then you see firms that seem to always get shortlisted. Their experience isn't any better than yours. Their marketers aren't any smarter. 

What do they know that you don't?

Maybe it's time to find out, once and for all, how good or bad your proposals really are. Let me explain what I mean.

Debriefs are great, but they don't give you the full story. Clients don't want to hurt your feelings and they certainly don't want to tell you the real reasons you lost. Not only that, they rarely have the ability to articulate what influenced their decision.

I want to help you drastically improve your proposals and win more projects.

It's rather simple. You send me a proposal and the corresponding RFP. I go through the RFP, then I go through your proposal like someone who was evaluating it. 

I go through each section and write my comments down. My comments are typically about the statements you make, how your qualifications fit with this project, whether or not you missed anything the RFP wanted you to address, whether the proposal was responsive, etc. 

My critique usually comes to you in a two to three-page document

The thing you and your team have to understand is, unlike a debrief, I pull no punches. I don't really care whether you are offended or your feelings are hurt. I'm gonna be brutally honest. That's why, for many folks, their first response to this critique is always emotional. 

It's very often a tough pill to swallow. But once people calm down, they realize how helpful it is. That's why nobody has given it a review that wasn't great.

BHPC Headshot 1

"WOW!! This was a real “kick-in-the pants” and a punch to my gut! After I got over my initial shock, I came to realize that we obviously need to have a major overhaul. I am unsettlingly disturbed by what you saw/read/didn’t find. You brought up many good points."

BHPC Headshot

"I’ve shared your feedback with a couple of the partners and we are in works to develop a process for implementing the changes/improvements needed. Your response has helped trigger that.”


Win Writing certificate

After completing the program, you’ll receive a personalized certificate of completion to show others you’ve had the best proposal writing training available.


I'm so convinced that you'll LOVE this course, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If, for any reason, you decide you are not happy with Win Writing, I'll refund 100% of the money you paid. No Questions Asked. Just send me an email within the first 60 days. I'll refund your money and we'll walk away as friends.

And I'll totally eat the cost of the credit card processing fees.

Win Writing is the product of years of study, research and practical application. I've included all the copywriting and social psychology tactics to help make you a success. I've poured my heart into this course to make it the best proposal writing training available. And I won't settle for anything less than exceptional results. I hope you won't, either.


If you've never written a proposal before and think you're going to win every contract you propose on, you're out of your damn mind.

There is no magic button that will make you win every contract you propose on. And even if you use every tactic in Win Writing, I cannot and will not guarantee that you win everything, or anything, you propose on. 

Let's face facts; there are sometimes factors beyond our control that determine which firms win contracts (like politics and past performance). 

If you're looking for a magic button that will make winning every proposal a reality, I highly suggest you just leave this page right now. I can’t work with people like you because you have unrealistic expectations and you'll never have the right mindset for Win Writing.

With that said...

Is Win Writing Right For Me?

There are many people who will have an amazing experience with Win Writing. If you fall into any of these situations, Win Writing is perfect for you.

Want To Learn How To Write Better Proposals

Win Writing was built for you. No other program is as useful and easy to implement. Here's the chance to take your proposal writing to the next level

Want To Sharpen Your Skills

Are you an experienced proposal writer who just wants to sharpen their skills? With Win Writing, you'll gain new insights from the top people in the proposal writing field. Plus, you'll hear new perspectives from selection committee members who have awarded hundreds of contracts to firms like yours. 

Even if you're comfortable with your proposal skills, Win Writing will be an invaluable resource

Want To Train Your Staff

Win Writing is the best way to train your busy staff. Lifetime access means each staff member can take the course at their own pace. You can also work through each module together as a group.

This is one of the top reasons managers buy Win Writing.

You'll need to purchase Win Writing for each staff member because materials are sent individually to each student. 

I'll make purchasing for your entire team easy for you. Shoot me a message at the bottom of the page if you want to talk to me about volume pricing. 

Just Want To Write Better

I believe Win Writing is not just the best proposal writing course in existence. It's also the best writing course for people in the professional services field

You can apply nearly everything you'll learn about writing to reports, white papers, blog posts, emails, etc. 

Tired Of Spending Too Much Time On Design

Win Writing includes ready-to-use proposal templates for a reason. I know how painful it is to argue with your team about proposal covers and layout. That's why Win Writing includes professionally designed proposal templates that you can customize to your firm. 

It even includes multiple cover options. :)

Amy Faley

Matt has helped me write clearer, more concise, proposals and prepare more effective interview presentations.

Amy Fahey


Erin Starks

Matt's trainings and webinars are worth every minute. His candid and open approach can't be beat.

Erin Starks


Kerry Azzarello

Matt's style is both educational and entertaining.

Kerry Azzarello


Win Writing Registration Is Currently Closed

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