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Making The Best Of Proposal Writing

Many people find proposal writing difficult, tiresome, frustrating or even annoying. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We'll teach you the tricks, formulas, and tactics that will make crafting a winning proposal far easier and less time-consuming. Rather than focus on “bug dust” (like capitalization and comma placement), this session zeroes in on the “big wins.” 

By the end, you’ll know how to easily craft compelling copy that your clients’ eyes will be glued to.

The Unspoken Truth About Proposal Strategy

How much of a factor is price? What are owners really asking for in the RFP? How do owners review responses to a solicitation? Is best value really best value?  

Even though we’ve submitted many proposals, key questions still seem to linger.  

In the Unspoken Truth of Proposal Strategy, we will help you understand what’s really going on behind the curtains of the procurement game.  

We’ll explain why we need to think about proposal strategy differently and detail the six strategy elements that need to be considered in every submission.

The Shortlist Presentation Solution

The best proposal in the world won’t often help you if you blow it during the shortlist presentation. 

Unfortunately, shortlist presentations can be extremely nerve-racking (especially when the client gives you short notice). 

This session debunks the common myths surrounding shortlist presentations. And it gives you a robust framework that you can apply to any shortlist presentation. It covers every step, including homework, preparation, practice, presentation, and postgame. 

But most importantly, the Shortlist Solution allows (and encourages) you to be yourself.  

 You’ll walk away ready to tackle your next shortlist presentation with a new level of confidence.  

How To Get Meetings With The Most Unreachable Potential Clients

Are you finding potential clients hard to reach? Do they ignore your emails or phone calls? Do you secretly avoid walking up to clients at events because you’re not exactly sure what to say? Do you wish business development was a little easier and less frustrating? Are you looking to do more business development, but are unsure precisely where to start? This session is all about getting meetings with potential clients. You will gain a new understanding of what’s holding you back from success. Armed with new tactics, you’ll open the door to getting client contact information, sending emails they’ll respond to, setting up meetings, and following up in the most effective manner.  

How To Answer The Most Challenging RFP Questions

Answering questions in an RFP, interview, or negotiation is a fact of life in our industry. 

You'll leave this session with an easy formula for how to convert those tough questions into answers that will differentiate your company from your competitors. 

Client For A Day Proposal Evaluation Exercise

This session is a hands-on experiment that puts you in the role of the proposal evaluator. Each group will be presented with a number of REAL proposals and will be required to decide on a clear winner.

By gaining a TRUE understanding of what proposal evaluators are challenged with and how they make decisions, you’ll know what to focus on the next time you develop a proposal.  

What Your Clients Won't Tell You (Client Panel)

The reality of being on a selection committee is that you can’t always give straight answers to losing firms during debriefs. First, you risk giving someone an unfair advantage during the next procurement. Second, you don’t want to appear insulting to your potential vendors. And lastly, giving too much insight to too many firms ends up making your job harder because...you’ve just told everybody to do the same thing.  

Understanding how selection committees think and what they want can give you a seemingly unfair advantage. That’s why I bring in a veteran owner to provide you with the straight story on what it’s like being on a selection committee, what makes firms stand out, and the types of firms they want to work with.  

This will provide you with unprecedented insight that will allow you to identify and give your clients what they truly want. The result is more wins and better client relationships.

Weekly Or Bi-Weekly Coaching/Accountability Calls

When it comes to building a firm or practice, execution and “trusting the system” is the key to success.  

But client commitments and “life” can have a tendency to shift our focus away from growth. Sometimes, we need additional support and guidance to keep us on track.  

Weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls will provide support, additional guidance, and accountability for those “most likely to succeed.”

Win Writing Online Program

Win Writing is the online course for people in the A/E/C industry who want to spend less time writing proposals and more time winning them.  

In Win Writing, we'll help you transform your writing. We'll show you how to write quicker and more effectively than you ever thought possible. And you'll get lifetime access to everything you need to succeed in one place.  

Win Writing is built around your schedule, easily accessible when you are available. I'll give you the actual formulas, strategies, tools, and templates me and some of your toughest competitors use to pull off surprising wins.