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Our team actually landed almost $750 Million in best value/qualifications-based contracts within the next quarter!

Michelle Hubbard

- Michelle Hubbard

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Bringing Matt out to our SMPS chapter was a great investment. It was one of the best events ever, it attracted many potential members we hadn't seen before, and we walked away with a profit. I'm glad I took the advice of my fellow SMPS chapter presidents.  

- Krystal Vickers

Half-Day Workshops

Proposal Workshop

Take Your Proposals To The Next Level

This immersive, three-hour, workshop has been a life changing experience for proposal professionals across the country.  

Here is why. During this workshop, you'll learn the science behind how we make decisions. Then you'll step into the shoes of the client, awarding a contract based on real proposals submitted by some of the top names in the architecture, engineering, and construction business. Finally, you'll learn some hard truths about the proposal game and leave with time-tested strategies for increasing your wins.

Half-Day Proposal Workshop Includes:

  • Copies Of Proposal Development Secrets Book For Every Attendee
  • Interactive Experience With Real Proposals Submitted By The Biggest Firms
  • Answers To Your Team's Toughest Questions
  • Free Social Media Images, Outreach Scripts, And Advertising For Interested Association Chapters 

Inquire Today

Of all the seminars, workshops, and lectures I've attended in my decade-long marketing career, yours was by far the most interesting and insightful.  

Jennifer Lawson

- Jennifer Lawson

Keynote Presentations

Mind Marketing

This presentation goes over the science of the mind and how you can leverage this knowledge to get into your client's head and influence their decisions. (Included In Workshop)

Topics Include:  

  • The Science Behind How We Make Decisions 
  • How People Who Say We Make Emotional Decisions Are Misleading You 
  • Weapons You Can Use To Influence Decisions 
  • Animated Examples of How These Weapons Can Be Used 
  • Real World Tactics For Getting Into Your Clients' Heads

Proposal Development Secrets

Based on the book of the same name, this presentation delves deeper into the proposal development secrets that will give you an edge over your competition. It also covers additional topics not included in the book. (Included In Workshop)  

Topics Include:

  •  The Single Question That Can Dramatically Increase Your Proposal Wins 
  • The Biggest Proposal Mistake You're Probably Making 
  • How You Can Beat The Incumbent 
  • How To Get Evaluators To Actually Read Your Proposal

How To Get Meetings With The Most Unreachable Potential Clients

Are you finding potential clients hard to reach? Do they ignore your emails or phone calls? Do you secretly avoid walking up to clients at events because you're not exactly sure what to say? Do you wish business development was a little easier and less frustrating? Are you looking to do more business development, but are unsure precisely where to start? This presentation is all about getting meetings with potential clients. You will gain a new understanding of what's holding you back from success. Armed with new tactics, you'll open the door to getting client contact information, sending emails they'll respond to, setting up meetings, and following up in the most effective manner.

The Ultimate Guide To Converting Website Visitors To Clients

Every firm has got one. But what do our websites actually do for us?  

You could easily spend $50K on a website. And it's just sitting there. This firm brochure is floating out there on the Internet hoping to be gazed upon by a passing client.  

But in a world of competitive procurements, where you are submitting proposals and presenting to clients, can you get a return on the investment of time and money you dump into your website?  

Every time we turn around we see articles and presentations from consultants extolling the virtues of websites and social media. But where are the firms like yours who are pulling in new clients and revenue through their website?!?  

In this presentation, I'm going to share stories that illustrate exactly how I used websites to bring in revenue and what I learned from some of my most valuable experiments. 

How To Answer The RFP Questions You Hate

This interactive presentation will tackle RFP questions that stump us all. You'll learn how to construct the perfect response every time. And we'll practice this formula with real-world questions that have stumped experienced proposal writers.  

Why Your Blog Sucks (And What To Do About It)

If you feel your blog isn't getting the attention or traction it deserves, there's a reason for that. Luckily, small changes to your blogging approach can change all that and lead to BIG WINS for you, your bloggers, and your firm.  

In this session, Matt Handal lets you peek behind the curtains and, for the first time, shares the results of seven years of blogging experimentation and real data from over two million page views. You'll learn why your blog sucks and actionable steps you can take to drastically improve the results and benefits you or your team get from blogging.  

This was definitely the largest turnout we've had for a workshop since I've been in Austin over the past 6 years.

Erin Bettinson

- Erin Bettison

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